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Using tidytext to make sentiment analysis easy

November 15, 2016 . .
I recently discovered the R package `tidytext` and fell in love with it. It combines the "tidy" ecosystem, which I'm very familar and comfortable in, with natural language processing (something that has been more challenging for me, not least of all because it rarely is tidy). I loved playing the package and modeling how my language and sentiments varied in my thesis. The heavy use of Jane Austen in the `tidytext` examples certainly didn't hurt either.
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Easy Cross Validation in R with `modelr`

November 11, 2016 . .
Cross-validation is a useful approach for estimating out-of-sample error. The `modelr` package has made estimating models with cross-validation much easier, and the `resample` object type is vital for cross-validation with large data in R.
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