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Instrumental Variables Simulation

January 10, 2014 . .
Instrumental variables provide a power method for getting around unobserved heterogeneity and are increasingly popular in observational research. By exploiting a third variable, known as an instrumental variable, this method breaks the correlation between an independent variable and theomitted or unobserved variables. However, the definitions are mind boggling and the process is often unclear, even when advertised as "Mostly Harmless." In cases like this, a simulation is often handy, especially ones written in R.
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Penalizing P Values

November 20, 2013 . .
If I told you I saw bigfoot, would you believe me? Could I present any evidence that would change your mind? Probably (hopefully) not. The likelihood of bigfoot being real is so small that the only people who report seeing one are also the same people who "believe" Ancient Aliens belongs on the History Channel. But if you think that way and penalize an extraordinary claim, why do we use statistical inference that doesn't do the same thing? Could this be the cause of the the rash of high profile failures to reproduce studies and the "decline effect"?
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