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Fixing My Internet With R and Python

February 21, 2013 . .
Over the summer I had some problems with my Internet connection, specifically very high latency. It was causing problems whenever I tried to do something particularly sensitive to latency issues. I am already bad enough at online games, having massive lag was not helping. But, like nearly all connection issues, it wasn't happening all the time or even to all the packets at the times when it was acting up. I called my ISP but kept "passing" the ping tests on their end and they said nothing was wrong and that my 100-300 ms pings to multiple sites was something I was dreaming up. To get the problem fixed, I wrote a little Python script to grab the pings and a second R script to check out what was going on.
internet Python R applied statistics

Taking Expectations to the Next Level

February 1, 2013 . .
Shortly after making yesterday's post, I saw a visualization of apartment rental prices in Boston. As is commonly known, the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. But location can go either way for prices, where is the good area and living on Yucca Mountain. How can we figure out which locations are good or bad without knowing anything else about Boston? We use the same method discussed in yesterday's simulation but on good old fashioned real data.
dataMining EM R statistics regression applied

Maximize Your Expectations!

January 31, 2013 . .
Observational studies have the same problem as poker, you have to play the cards you are dealt. This can be a problem when you expect people to responder differently to some variable according to some number of unobserved variables. While expectation-maximization probably won't help you in your weekly Texas Hold'em game, it can be an ace up your sleeve in data analysis.
dataMining EM R statistics regression simulation

How slow is R really?

January 29, 2013 . .
Everyone complains about how slow R is, especially without vectorized code. I was working on a Project Euler problem and decided to see how slow R really is. I wrote a program to calculate the 10,001st prime using C, Python and R. The results were not pretty (at least for R). Will the byte code compiler save the day?
ProjectEuler R python C performance